A2002 - catalyst converter (engine) for Nissan Silvia PS13

Frame / SeriesPS13 / S13 body K (coupe )engine SR20D (2000 gasoline twincam )grade QS (Q'S(キューズ))
Manufacture period01.1991 - ...transmission AT (automatic transmission )suspension 2WS (no super HICAS )  

20851: shelter, converter lower

OEM part numberRequired
per car
Production periodSpecCode ExteriorInterior Applies for models Notes Replacements Please order in advance In stock
2085371L100101.1991 - ...SR20D +SR20DT2085371L11
to 21.80 USD
Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
SR20D+SR20DT01.1991 - ... 

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20802 - converter, catalyst with shelter
20802A - bolt
20851 - shelter, converter lower
22740 - sensor assembly, catalyst
22740H - clamp, harness

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