287 - rear window wiper (Denso) for Nissan AD VSGY10

Frame / SeriesVSGY10 / Y10 body V/2D (van 2-door )engine CD17 (1700 diesel )drive 2WD (two-wheel drive )
Manufacture period08.1993 - 08.1994grade VX (VX grade )transmission MT.F5 (manual transmission 5-speed )  

28110M: cover, rear wiper arm

OEM part numberRequired
per car
Production periodSpecCode ExteriorInterior Applies for models Notes Replacements Please order in advance In stock
28782D08000104.1992 - 08.1993(V/4D+W/4D).2WD.(VL+VX+SLX) +(V/4D+W/4D).4WD.(DX+VL+VE+VX+L+LE) +V/2D.VX +W/2D
to 321 USD
28782D08000108.1993 - 08.1994V/4D.4WD +W/4D.2WD.GA15DS.SLX +W/4D.4WD +W/4D.CD20.SLX +V/2D.VX +W/2D
to 321 USD

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Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
V/2D +W/2D04.1992 - 08.1993 
V/4D +W/4D +V/2D +W/2D08.1993 - 08.1994 

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28110M - cover, rear wiper arm
28700A - screw
28710 - motor assembly, rear window wiper
28710+A - motor assembly, rear window wiper
28710+B - motor assembly, rear window wiper
28716 - seal, pivot
28735B - nut
28735E - nut
28750 - blade assembly, rear window wiper
28755 - arm assembly, rear window wiper

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