Best-selling parts for Nissan Silvia PS13

Here are best-selling parts for Nissan with PS13 listed below for your convenience.

OEM part number Production period Applies for models Replacements Please order in advance In stock

Engine and fuel system

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Air filter (Nissan, VIC)
AY120NS00101.1991 - ... SR20DT
to 16.48 USD
Fuel filter (Nissan, VIC)
AY505NS00301.1991 - ... SR20D +SR20DT
to 55.67 USD
Oil filter (Nissan, VIC)
AY100NS00501.1991 - ... SR20D +SR20DT
to 11.07 USD
Spark plug (Nissan, NGK, Denso)
2240153J1501.1991 - ... SR20DT PFR5B option [B512]2240153J65
15.13 USD
2240153J1601.1991 - ... SR20DT PFR6B option [B512]2240153J66
to 15.13 USD
2240153J1701.1991 - ... SR20DT PFR7B option [B512]2240153J67
to 17.65 USD

Transmission and chassis

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Brake pads, front (Nissan, Nisshinbo)
AY040NS92901.1991 - ... K.(2WS.KS+4WS) AY040NS818
to 103.63 USD
AY060NS00901.1991 - ... SR20D +SR20DT right & left AY060NS032
to 78.04 USD
Shock absorber, front, left (Nissan, KYB)
5430354F2501.1991 - ... 4WS.SR20D +SR20DT *2WS.SR20D ID NO 54303-54F00 205/60R15 T/L STEEL
420.01 USD
Shock absorber, front, right (Nissan, KYB)
5430254F2501.1991 - ... 4WS.SR20D +SR20DT *2WS.SR20D ID NO 54302-54F00 205/60R15 T/L STEEL
420.01 USD
Shock absorber, rear, right/left (Nissan, KYB)
5621050F2501.1991 - ... K.2WS Tokico [check actual product] ID NO .56210-50F00
121.97 USD
5621050F2601.1991 - ... K.2WS Kayaba [check actual product] ID NO .56210-50F005621050F25
121.97 USD

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