B88 - front wiper for Nissan Mistral KR20

Frame / SeriesKR20 / R20 body K (hardtop )engine TD27TI (2700 diesel intercooler )grade R (type R)
Manufacture period10.1996 - ...transmission AT (automatic transmission )    
Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
4D +2D02.1994 - ... 

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K28890 - wiper blade RH
K28890A - wiper blade LH
KB8890 - winter blade RH
KB8890A - winter blade LH
KB8890F - winter blade with fin
KB8891 - refill wiper blade,RH (water repellent)
KB8891A - refill wiper blade,LH (water repellent)
KB8895 - winter blade without fin RH(water repellent)
KB8895A - winter blade LH(water repellent)
KB8895F - winter blade with fin

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