Y10 - general purpose supplies for Nissan GT-R R35

Frame / SeriesR35 / R35 body C (coupe )engine VR38DETT (VR38DETT type engine )transmission GR6
Manufacture period11.2007 - ...grade GTR (GT-R)    

KKC000: car care world

OEM part numberRequired
per car
Production periodSpecCode ExteriorInterior Applies for models Notes Replacements Please order in advance In stock
KC130899250111.2007 - ...C.(GTR+BLACK+PREMIUM)car care world, A set,SET-A[K504]KC13089926
with some condition (Color,Size)
3 103 USD
KC130899260111.2007 - ...C.(GTR+BLACK+PREMIUM)SET-B[K504]
3 103 USD
KC130899270111.2007 - ...C.(GTR+BLACK+PREMIUM)car care world, C set,SET-C[K504]KC13089928
with some condition (Color,Size)
4 482 USD
KC130899280111.2007 - ...C.(GTR+BLACK+PREMIUM)SET-D[K504]
4 482 USD
KC130899850111.2007 - ...C.(GTR+BLACK+PREMIUM)SET-F[K504]
5 861 USD

More than 1 spare part found. Please define it more accurately before ordering.

Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
ALL11.2007 - ...汎用品

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KKC000 - car care world
KKC132 - プラセーム ガワ
KKC220 - 100V inverter
KKC902 - triangle warning sign
KKC932 - booster cable
KKC940 - life hammer

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