Electrics for Nissan Datsun Truck, 08.1995 - ... production period

Frame / SeriesQGD21 / D21 シャガタT/LB/TH (truck long body テイヘイショウ)engine NA20S (2000 gasoline single cab NA)grade DX (deluxe )
Manufacture period08.1995 - ...transmission MT (manual transmission )シフトダンスウR5 (shift 5-speed (column))drive 2WD (two-wheel drive (FR))

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Electrics W1  
G2201 - engine ignition system (engine)
G2202 - distributor (engine)
G2203 - alternator mounting (engine)
G2204 - alternator (engine)
G2205 - starter motor (engine)
G2401 - wiring harness (Denso)
G2402 - meter (Denso)
G2403 - switch & relay (Denso)
G2404 - relay, sensor, timer & amp (Denso)
G2410 - battery mounting (body)
G2601 - head lamp (Denso)
G2602 - front combination lamp (Denso)
G2603 - fog lamp (Denso)
G2604 - rear combination lamp (Denso)
G2605 - license lamp & side reflector (Denso)
G2606 - room & inspection lamp (Denso)
G2701 - window shield wiper (Denso)
G2702 - window shield washer (Denso)
G2705 - head lamp cleaner (Denso)
G2715 - radio & stereo (Denso)
Electrics W2  
G2716 - clock (Denso)
G2729 - compressor bracket (engine)
G2730 - heater, cooler & air conditioner (engine room) (Denso)
G2731 - heater, cooler & air conditioner (unit) (Denso)
G2732 - heater, cooler & air conditioner (fitting) (Denso)
G2801 - engine control unit (engine)

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