F4803 - steering linkage (chassis) for Nissan AD Wagon VB11

Frame / SeriesVB11 / VB11 number of doors 2Vseating capacity 5Sengine E13S (1300 gasoline single cab )
Manufacture period06.1983 - ...grade DX (deluxe )transmission F4 (floor manual 4-speed )  

48204: boot, steering gear LH

OEM part numberRequired
per car
Production periodSpecCode ExteriorInterior Applies for models Notes Replacements Please order in advance In stock
4820311A000110.1982 - 10.1984ALL
to 10.75 USD
4820401F000110.1984 - ...ALL
0.00 USD
4820403B000103.1990 - ...*E13S.(DX+GL).MT *E15S.MTpower steering 48204D0301
to 21.96 USD
48204D03010105.1988 - 03.1990*ALLpower steering 4820403B00
21.96 USD

More than 1 spare part found. Please define it more accurately before ordering.

Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
ALL10.1982 - ... 

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48203 - boot, steering gear RH
48203A - clamp, boot
48203B - clamp, boot
48203C - clamp, boot
48204 - boot, steering gear LH
48510N - rod assembly, side
48520N - socket assembly, side rod outer
48521N - socket assembly, side rod inner
48577 - seal, dust
48635 - spacer, lock nut
48649 - plate, shield side rod
48730F - spacer

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